Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Over-medicated cartoon by Chato stewart.

Chato Stewart Notes:

It may not be as topical now, but Performance Enhancing Drugs was a big theme for a while when I drew this cartoon September 13th 2010. I drew a number of cartoon for my fledgling cartooning series but they were just black and white inks. Unfinished or not scanned into the computer as with this above Over-Medicated. By the time I did scan it (sometime in the middle of 2015) the controversy around baseball Performance Enhancing Drugs had hushed for the most part. Here is a look at the original.

As you see I made a few changes since the Roger Clemens HGH was old news in 2015.

Mystery of Mental Illness Solved Again By Chato Stewart

Mystery of Mental Illness Solved is an homage Easter Island, with a few variations obviously. Being that the mystery was mental illness being solved the year and overmedicated cartoon. Personally I really enjoy this cartoon I enjoyed trying it and it got a lot of play on my PSYCH CENTRAL blog. It’s always fun drawing and inanimate objects with feelings please have a problem drawing humans. Why can I relate to a stone more than I can relate to human?


This is cartoonist artist and writer of the original cartoon series mental Health Humor, The Family Stew, Over-Medicated, Brainwashed wishing you good and balanced and funny day.

Medications the Causing Depression

1407-MentalHealthHumor- Medicastion Causing Depression and weight gain-Psychological-Disorders-Cartoons-Chato-Stewart

Drawing the #1407 Mental Health Humor cartoon for Over-medicated was really fun. I finished reading a article about asthma inhalers causing depression. My goofy brain imagined the conversation between Medications the Causing Depression and the meds for depression. As you can see I could not help to toss in a gag about weight gain. Yes Psychological Disorders Cartoons are fun to draw about, is what I, Chato-Stewart knows most about anyway.