Overmedicated: Medication Will Cross Your Path

2013 Mental Health Humor - Mental Health Recovery Sooner or Later Medication Will Cross Your Path Tooth - Chato Stewart

Chato’s Notes:

In this mental health humor cartoon series overmedicated I highlighted a simple fact, that many of us need medication to control the mental health recovery wish they didn’t have to take medications to mental health recovery.  If you can do it without medications I personally give you a cyber hi-five, shake your hand, wish you the best. I envy you.  I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work for me. And I understand I’m a slave to my medications, yet at the same time I owe good part (about 1/3) my recovery to my meds. That third was the part that allowed me so I can function without being tormented constantly with depression, suicidal ideation, mania, hypomania, anxiety and suffering for the last five years.

Was there a trade-off, yes, there always is.  You have to ask yourself what’s more important than make an educated decision.  It’s a personal decision, one that shouldn’t be swayed by popular opinion.

I take medication to control my diabetes, no one ever tells me I should stop taking those… Yet I bring up medications for my mood disorders and people sometimes get upset,  or they validate that I should be on medication, sometimes it’s a catch 22.  That’s why you need to do it for you.  Educate yourself because sooner or later medications will cross your path.

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