Rubbing Your Belly and Patting Your Head Twitch Cartoon by Chato Stewart

Wellbutrin: what’s that book for?

Depakote: legally, I have to disclose all my negative side effects.

Wellbutrin: is packing your head and rubbing your belly in the book?

Depakote: YEP!

Caption: Re-Reading Between the Lines of Medications

The idea behind this cartoon was a bit simple…the idea is the side effects of medication.  Anyone that is on a mental health psychotropic medication or any medication for that matter as at one time or another experienced a weird side effect. This cartoon identifies one bottle of medication as Depakote, but that’s only in the caption below. I don’t really identify him in the cartoon itself but it was Depakote I was thinking about when I drew him. One thing I used to counteract the side effect from mental health medication is a supplement called Digest Gold plus Probiotics, I use this supplement to support my digestive health… Quite frankly, I would NOT be able to eat the pizza or anything acidic including peanut butter without having issues with symptoms of acid reflex (heartburn). This supplement made by a company called Enzymedica also helps me with the negative side effects that taking psychotropic medication have on my stomach. I used to have issue with IBS after taking certain medications or whenever I switch medication, this stuff has reduced the side effects sometimes completely removing them altogether.  That’s just for the digestion, other side effects sometimes we just have to live with in order to stay balance.

I still have one side effect that plagues me ever since I started taking bipolar medications, that is “cottonmouth”. I could have knitted mittens for everyone that reads this post with the amount of cottonmouth I deal with!

In the above cartoon I focuse on an interesting twitch of rubbing your belly and pat your head, go ahead try it and see if you’re affected by the side effects.  J

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