Bipolar Disorder Institute For The Overmedicated and Misunderstood

2012 Mental Health Humor - Bipolar Disorder Institute For The Overmedicated &Misunderstood - by Chato Stewart

This cartoon is part of a series of five cartoons drawn in a Gary Larson style.   In this Mental Health Humor Includes my normal overmedicated bottles mixed within the reality it of a regular cartoon.  I know it’s not exactly my overmedicated style, but the title does have overmedicated and it so I thought it would be appropriate to share it on this blog.  There’s a lot of subtleties in this joke Starting with spelling bipolar as we stated in New England “bipola” sounds like “by-po-LA”. I guess I always figured if there was going to be a Bipolar Disorder Institute For The Overmedicated & Misunderstood it would have to be floating on a cloud filled with oddities, bipolar polar Bears, goldfish,  snakes, a dog and a bunch a happy and yet paranoid people on medication.  The building style is something Gary Larson did a lot, he had the ability to bring a lot of content into just a few Windows.  I think I might have overdone it a little bit, some of the joke gets lost… But the main aspect of this cartoon was to Draw in that the styling art of Gary Larson… You got a gimme props for that 🙂 .


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