Congrats to all the Blogger on Psych Centrals 1st Mental Health Day Blog Party

 When Meds stop working

The Today Show and Atlantic Magazine: Featuring Single Life
(Single at Heart) – Living single life fully, joyfully, and without apology — time to blow up that theme into a feature story.

Body Image Booster: Cultivating Your Spirituality
(Weightless) – Are body image issues a comment about the state of your soul?

Are You Finding Adventure In Everything?
(Therapy Soup) – Adventure in Everything author Matthew Walker’s recommendations promotes self growth while balancing this with one’s obligations.

Mental Health Day: Should It Be Spiritual Health Day?
(Guideposts to Happiness) – While it can’t be denied that people have problems in the mental sphere, I object to the widespread assumption that they suffer from organic diseases.

Scatterbrained – I Can’t Get My House Together!
(Adventures of a Bipolar Mom) – Sometimes I really have to wonder if I don’t have ADHD!

World Mental Health Day: Human Nature and the Power of Our Stories
(Neuroscience and Relationships) – We are the creators of our stories, and at the same time, the stories we generate turn around to create our lives, and shape us in profound ways.

World Mental Health Day: Hah!
(Coming Out Crazy) – In honour of World Mental Health Day, I am reposting the first blog I wrote for Psych Central.

Mental Health Day: Lessons Learned from a Bipolar Dad
(Mental Health Humor) – I cannot help thinking “what IF’ my Father had access to information about Bipolar and Depression and Mental Health Disorders like we do today.

Mental Health Day: Self-Injury
(The Creative Mind) – It isn’t just actors or performers who engage in non-suicidal self-injury.

Like Kryptonite to Superman: In Honor of World Mental Health Day
(Bipolar Beat) – Some people feel as though the medications flat line them – as we say in Bipolar Disorder For Dummies, “Normal is boring.”

Mental Health Day: Suicide Protection Across Generations
(Healing Together for Couples) – The need to protect and care for each other may be a natural and powerful way to reduce suicide risk across generations.

World Mental Health Day: Living A Meaningful Life
(Weightless) – Thinness doesn’t buy meaning.

World Mental Health Day: A Cognitive Therapy Toolbox
(Real World Research) – Cognitive therapy has provided me a toolbox of useful techniques that work for nearly any mental or emotional jam I find myself in.

For World Mental Health Day: Reading What John Gottman Reads
(Always Learning) – Here are some of my favorite quotes from psychologist Dan Wile’s book, After the Honeymoon.

Mental Health Day: The Therapist Within
(The Therapist Within) – Perhaps it’s worth getting mentally meteorological and taking a look at what you’ll do when your weather changes.

Mental Health Day: Top 5 Celebrity Organization Efforts
(Celebrity Psychings) – These five celebrities are working hard to raise mental health awareness.

World Mental Health Day: I’ve Never Met A Shrink Who Didn’t Need One
(Private Practice Toolbox) – The most effective therapists I’ve worked with are those who’ve already worked through some of their own mental health struggles with a therapist.

Mental Health Day: Out From The Shadows
(Light, Laughter and Life) – In February of 2010, I wrote, out loud, about my bipolar.

World Mental Health Day: Partners in Wellness
(Partners in Wellness) – As the partner of someone with mental illness, you probably found your way here because you were looking for resources about how to handle your partner’s illness.

Mental Health Day: Are You Aware of Awareness?
(Panic About Anxiety) – We’re practically saturated in awareness of diseases and injustices…but are we doing anything about them?

Mental Health Day: The Salt Water Taffy Generation
(Mentoring and Recovery) – It is a great day to remember that we live in what I like to call the salt-water taffy generation.

Mental Health Day: Canadian Homelessness and Addictions (Video)
(Channel N) – Interview with a Vancouver, BC man who is homeless after completing a drug rehab program.

Mental Health Day: Thankfulness Regarding Mental Health Stigma
(ADHD Man of Distraction) – I’m thankful for the advances made by the mental health advocacy community, advances that have reduced the social stigma surrounding mental illness.

Mental Health Day Blog Party: Bringing Mindfulness to School
(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – Why mindfulness in schools?

Terrence Malick’s ‘The Tree of Life’: Consolation for the Grieving Process
(Movies and Mental Health) – This is a film that invites questions about “meaning” as well as the writer/director’s intent.

What’s Fair? The Medicare Crisis
(Aging Well) – It is just not fair to doctors or patients when money becomes the primary emotional currency that determines our interactions in medical encounters.

World Mental Health Day: A Patient Bill of Rights for Psychotropic Medications
(Anxiety and OCD Exposed) – A colleague of mine Dr. Antonuccio has had the gall to call for a Patient Bill of Rights for psychotropic medications.

Mental Health Day: Drawing From the Well
(ADHD from A to Zoë) – While appropriate treatment to support those struggling with mental health issues may not be available, we all share: sources for faith and inspiration.

Fly-Fishing & Bipolar: It’s Progress…Huge Progress
(Depression on My Mind) – People, I am here to tell you that I have made progress!

Mental Health Day: Borderline Personality Disorder: Email and Text Addiction with your Therapist
(Therapy Unplugged) – Emailing and texting your therapist can be (for some) more addictive than cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

Pick a Finger to Boost Positivity
(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – It’s all too easy to fall back into thinking traps and automatic negative thoughts when life circumstances start bringing us down.

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